We are a software company building logistics solutions for complex challenges in transportation.


Dispatch-Pilot Connection

WxOps flight tests the OpsTablet(R) suite with Inmarsat Swift Broad Band at Hawaiian Airlines.

OpsTablet® debuts

Transported Turbulence

WxOps is providing warnings for those "unpredicted" Clear Air Turbulence events.

CAT Prediction debuts

Open Source Geobrowser

WxOps uses NASA SBIR to secure a state of the art geobrowser for operational applications.


Contact WxOps:

Mark D. Spence, CEO at (808) 779-5096, mspence@wxops.com

Albert Peterlin, COO at (717) 914-7700, apeterlin@wxops.com

Dr. Scott T. Shipley, CIO at (571) 309-6024, sshipley@wxops.com