WxOps is pleased to announce successful flight testing of its OpsTablet® software with Inmarsat Swift Broad Band, enabling cooperative Dispatch-Pilot decisions in flight at Hawaiian Airlines.

Summary of Flight Test: N580HA, 4-5 Nov 2016  

 A successful flight test of the Inmarsat SwiftBroadBand (SBB) system was conducted on 4-5 Nov 2016, using Hawaiian Airlines N580HA B767 during flight operations as Flight 046, service from Maui (PHOG) to San Jose (KSJC). The Flight Test was conducted by WxOps personnel, with Mark Spence in the cockpit jumpseat and Scott Shipley on the ground coordinating ground communications and data services via IP to the aircraft.  Data services and monitoring to the HAL Boeing 767 aircraft are accomplished through use of Cellular (AT&T) and Satellite (Inmarsat SBB) in the air. Aircraft infrastructure includes a Cobham satellite interface and UTAS AID/TIM connected to a Panasonic ToughPad FZ-G1 running the Windows 10 Operating System. HAL Flight 046 tests were conducted as planned, and all systems performed as expected.

Preflight ground testing and checkout were performed by Dan Smith/Hawaiian Airlines, Robert Keys/Cobham, Mike Haukom/UTAS, and Scott Shipley/WxOps.

Flight test was conducted by Mark Spence in the jumpseat, and Scott Shipley in dispatch role.

Dan Smith/HAL Maintenance during preflight ground checkout during preflight ground testing at HNL on 3 Nov 2016 (photo from pilot POV by Scott Shipley).

Live screen view of WxOps OpsTablet® geobrowser application, during preflight ground testing on 3 Nov 2016 with SBB data transmission (photo from co-pilot POV by Scott Shipley).

Cockpit view of WxOps OpsTablet® on Panasonic ToughPad during flight test on 4 Nov 2016 (photo from jumpseat by Mark Spence).



Dispatch-Pilot Connection

WxOps flight tests the OpsTablet(R) suite with Inmarsat Swift Broad Band at Hawaiian Airlines.

OpsTablet® debuts

Transported Turbulence

WxOps is providing warnings for those "unpredicted" Clear Air Turbulence events.

CAT Prediction debuts

Open Source Geobrowser

WxOps uses NASA SBIR to secure a state of the art geobrowser for operational applications.


Contact WxOps:

Mark D. Spence, CEO at (808) 779-5096, mspence@wxops.com

Albert Peterlin, COO at (717) 914-7700, apeterlin@wxops.com

Dr. Scott T. Shipley, CIO at (571) 309-6024, sshipley@wxops.com